The KNARLI Vision

Sweaters unlike other sweaters.

Knits have existed for over a thousand years, but have evolved minimally during this time. We're bored of traditional sweaters. KNARLI was founded to push the boundaries of knitwear by using cutting-edge technology without cutting into any fabric.

  • Mission

    KNARLI aims to push the boundaries of traditional knitwear by designing reversible seamless designs.

    We use cutting-edge knit technology without cutting into any fabric.

  • Product

    The in-depth development process of KNARLI Knitwear begins with yarn to design the fabric before the garment.

    The result is unisex and seamless, made possible with 3D-knit technology.

  • Etymology

    The KNARLI name is derived from knit, gnarly, and Li.

    Gnarly is a Californian slang word from 1970's surf culture to describe dangerous waves, but its definition has evolved through the years. Li is the original Romanized surname of the founder's family.

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Jody Lee is a designer, entrepreneur, and legal assistant based in Los Angeles, CA.


Frequently asked questions

Got Questions?

Is your brand sustainable?

Yes, our process from design conception to production is very sustainable. Our products are all made with zero waste since we never cut into the fabric.

Masks are made with remnant yarns. Apparel is made with MicroModal, a biodegradable hybrid natural-synthetic yarn produced from beech trees.

PS. KNARLI believes sustainability is no longer a niche, and that eco-conscious will be the standard practice for all Millennial- and GenZ- founded companies.

Where are your products made?

KNARLI products are designed in Los Angeles, CA.

Masks are produced in Agoura Hills, CA with remnant yarns.

Apparel is produced in Portugal with Italian yarns.

How do I care for knitwear?

Although all KNARLI products can be machine washed on a gentle cycle, we recommend hand washing due to its delicate nature. Please always lay flat to dry and be sure to fold and store knitwear properly.

(check out the links-- it's much easier than it sounds)

What is your return policy?

7 days for a full refund. 14 days for exchange or store credit.

How can I get free shipping?

Use code "HUNNID" for free shipping over $100!